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What is Inflammation?

Inflammation. This word has become quite common in medical articles, including those dealing with dermatology. What is it anyway? One type of inflammation is quite familiar – like when we get stung by a bee. The area becomes red and swollen, even warm. That’s inflammation that is easy to see. But then there is the

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Green Tea Leaf on the face?

Green tea is packed with nutrients that fight wrinkles. Long popular as one of the top 10 most anti-oxidant rich drinks on earth, green tea is now showing up in facial products (such as Dermadeli’s new: Green Tea Leaf Exfoliating Scrub. Why? Does green tea have any special value? Read on….. Anti-oxidants stop free radicals

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Nutrition Inside and Out

Dermadeli is about providing nutrients for the skin on the outside. It is just as important to nourish the body on the inside by consuming the right foods. Our skin can be a statement as to what foods we are providing for our body. Interestingly, some are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on face

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