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A new thought about sunscreen…..   The beautiful, sunny sun – the lifter of our moods, is the downer of our skin. Because of this great promoter of aging and cancer of the skin, we don layers and layers of sunscreen. And rightly so. (An interesting aside to this behavior, is that sunscreen also contributes

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What gets absorbed?

To quote a dermatologist recently when she was asked what nutrients would be absorbed through the skin: “That’s ridiculous, nothing is absorbed that way.” Oh, really? My fingernails have always been problematic. No matter the quality of the food consumed, they were horrible. Dry, fragile, splitting, broken. Ridiculous. Why? I can only blame it on

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The Power of Protein

THE POWER OF PROTEIN. Protein does many things – the most well known is the growth, repair and replacement of body tissue like muscle, blood, skin, hair. But protein is critical in maintaining blood sugar level which impacts hunger and weight. Here, when you eat is as important as what you eat. Protein also improves

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