The Power of Protein

THE POWER OF PROTEIN. Protein does many things – the most well known is the growth, repair and replacement of body tissue like muscle, blood, skin, hair. But protein is critical in maintaining blood sugar level which impacts hunger and weight. Here, when you eat is as important as what you eat. Protein also improves retention in mental activities. Pretty amazing.

For the greatest benefit, eat your protein in the morning and mid-day. Typically, this is when your energy level and mental alertness is most needed – not in the evening. Yes, most of us have this basically backwards.

But how can we help the skin? At Dermadeli, we are about feeding the skin on the outside and the inside. The proteins in the skin include collagen, keratin and elastin – they are what give the skin firmness and reduce wrinkles. Foods that support this building process are those high in vitamin C, vitamin E and iron such as cantaloupe, kelp, dried fruit and peas (yes, peas – they contain many nutrients that help tighten and tone skin). Externally, it won’t help to smear protein on our face since it won’t be absorbed. But we can directly impact our collagen by topically applying ingredients such as vitamin C, L-carnosine, Vitamin B3 and glucosamine. Dermadeli’s Collagen Repair Serum is exactly what you are looking for.

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