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Be Your Beautiful ~ Beauty Foods defines beauty as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form; that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight”. So true! We each have our own unique combination of qualities that is our beauty. If we all looked the same, the word “beauty” would not definable. So, thank you, to each of you, for allowing the world to know what beauty is.
There are many things we do to be healthy, that also contribute to our beauty – eating well and exercising often. Did you know there are certain foods you can eat to bring out your natural beauty?
*If you want your skin to glow, then eat:
Raspberries – repair damaged skin cells
Peaches – Vitamin A and C for clear skin
Pomegranate – strengthens the walls of our blood vessels that carry nutrients to skin
Tomato – (bright red) have lycopene and beta-carotene that provides UV protection
*If you want your skin to be more firm, then eat:
Pumpkin seeds – Omega 3 fatty acids build collagen
Grapefruit – lycopene and Vitamin C build collagen
Papaya – antioxidants help prevent wrinkles
Mustard greens – an excellent source of Omega 3s for building collagen
Strawberries – builds collagen
*If you want your hair to shine, then eat:
Seaweed – iron, manganese, iodine, and copper helps maintain shininess and overall health
Eggs – protein keeps hair shiny and helps to avoid breakage
Walnuts – natural oil protects from sun damage
Lentils – protein and iron help support full-body hair
Seaweed – iron, iodine, and copper keeps hair healthy
*If you want your eyes to sparkle, then eat:
Spinach – supply of lutein to keep that sparkle
Kale – zeaxanthin helps protect against retinal damage
Oranges – vitamin c helps blood vessels
Apricots – beta carotene helps with night vision; seeing your beauty even in the dark 
Eat well and Be Your Beautiful!

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