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Opalite Gua sha

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Our Opalite Gua sha helps to release tension and stress from the facial and neck muscles. By applying facial oil first, the Opalite Gua sha will gently glide over the face and neck – increasing blood circulation, decreasing puffiness, and sculpting your natural facial structure. Our Opalite Gua sha is a new journey for Dermadeli and we hope you join us as we learn together the many benefits of this natural form of skin care.

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The skin and muscles on our face and neck areas are prone to tension as a response to emotional stress or physical stress. From laughing hysterically to squinting your eyes on a sunny day, and everything in between, a gentle massage of the face and neck can bring comfort and ease to tightened muscles.

Our Opalite Gua sha couples well with either our Pumpkin Seed Serum or our Citrus Gold Oil. Gently gliding the Opalite Gua sha can relieve tension, reduce puffiness, and reduce inflammation. The application of oil helps to avoid too much pressure and also helps to avoid pulling of the skin.

Our Opalite Gua sha also stimulates blood circulation, tones facial and neck muscles, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, and can help to sculpt the jawline.

Directions: Generously apply Pumpkin Seed Oil or Citrus Gold Oil onto the face and neck areas. Please refer to our various videos on our Instagram page and Facebook page for multiple Gua sha methods. Or, follow the steps of your favorite Gua sha tutorial.


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