A Cleanser without Soap

Put oil on my face to clean it??   You have to be kidding!!
Usually you wash your face to remove oils, right? And probably some form of soap is used. Right again? Just the thought of putting oil all over the face is distressing……..or is it a wonderful new item in the beauty tool box?
Your skin has oil glands; they secrete oil all the time. Even if you face feels dry, it has oil on it. Often, when we wash our face with soap (even very gentle cleanser) we remove the natural oils. Guess what your body does in response to that? It produces more oil to try to keep up! That often leads to irritation, blackheads, pimples. Oil and water don’t mix, right? So cleaning our face with just water, won’t remove the dirt and oils that we want removed. So we need soap, cleansers. Even the most gentle and ‘natural’ soaps can be drying, irritating and strip the natural oils so the oil producing machines in your face go into hyper-drive and out comes another oil slick.
But oil and oil do mix, of course. The right mixtures of oils not only cleanse, but soften and rejuvenate leaving your face simply – beautiful. You see, oil dissolves oil. Read on.
I have talked with many people about their skin and about the cleansing routine. A lot of people positively recoil at the thought of putting oil on their faces. After battling an oily complexion most of their lives, they won’t even touch the thought. That’s a real loss.
Oil used to massage the skin will dissolve the natural oils that have hardened on your face and stuck in your pores. The massage will loosen the make-up and dirt that has layered itself there also. Then, applying steam in the form of a hot, wet washcloth, opens the pores. As the face is wiped with the cloth, the impurities are taken away. A final rinse with very warm water, leaves the face positively lovely. Which oils are used, however, are most important.
Remember Castor Oil? Very yucky tasting, sometimes used as a laxative, but one of its characteristics is its cleansing ability. It is also very healing and potently anti-inflammatory. For a very long time, it has been considered somewhat of a ‘magical’ oil. Another characteristic of Castor Oil is that it is very drying. Hard to figure, I know, but it is. Therefore it is not the primary oil used, but is used in a small enough quantity to cleanse without drying.
Other oils are combined with the Castor Oil and comprise the majority of the product. Various oils can be used depending on the skin type or the age of the skin. Choices include (but are not limited to) Sunflower, Jojoba, Almond, Grapeseed, Avocado, Walnut and Olive oils.
All very nourishing, they deliver health and vitality directly to the skin while leaving the skin soft and lovely to the touch. We have avoided nut oils as they are often irritating. Our Complete Meal Cleanser goes a couple steps further, however, putting it miles ahead of other oil based cleansers available. In fact, it is extremely unique. We have combined the beauty and effectiveness of oils with the glycolic power of sugar and the moisturizing properties of colloidal oatmeal to produce the powerful, soothing and effective Complete Meal Cleanser. Where did we get this name? Because this product provides a ‘complete meal’ for the fact: carbohydrate, proteins and fats with vitamins and minerals! Perfect. Simple. You will LOVE it!

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