What gets absorbed?

To quote a dermatologist recently when she was asked what nutrients would be absorbed through the skin: “That’s ridiculous, nothing is absorbed that way.” Oh, really?

My fingernails have always been problematic. No matter the quality of the food consumed, they were horrible. Dry, fragile, splitting, broken. Ridiculous. Why? I can only blame it on genetics – my mother had ugly nails – it must be that. My nails even split in the same place as hers. Geeezz.

Regardless, my New Year’s resolution was to do SOMETHING to make it better. I choose not to wear nail polish and rejected any type of ‘hardening’ product. But I did find a product that was absorbed into the nail and contained proteins and calcium. Promising 5-7 day growth, I gave it a try. What a difference!!! I now have nails that are so long I have to CUT them. Granted, I still struggle with two of them, very ‘ridgey’ and one continues to split in Mom’s place, but even they are much, much better. My point?

Absolutely the only difference was this product. No change in lifestyle, activities or diet. Obviously, the nutrients were absorbed through the nails and the nails responded. The product? I knew you would want to know 🙂 it is called Nutra Nail, inexpensive – I found it on Amazon, my daughter buys it at Wal-Mart.

Another example? Take a look at the Dermadeli web site for our Nourishing Eye Cream. Dark circle, puffiness – gone. That’s absorption.

Yes, the formulation has to be right for absorption to occur. Lycopene is showing evidence in reducing wrinkles. Does that mean that smearing a tomato on your face will help? No, the nutrients have to be in the right form. Vitamin C has to be in the L Ascorbic Acid form, for example. Properly formulated, topical nutrients are hugely more effective in improving the skin’s appearance than are nutrients that are eaten in food. That’s where product formulation comes in. Dermadeli, using the expertise of a dietitian and a biochemist creates these lovely products that nourish, heal and replenish your skin. Beautiful!

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