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Yogurt Does A Body Good

The Micro World of the Gut Trillions of microorganisms – bacteria, viruses and fungi – are thriving inside and on your body. Three to four pounds worth cling to the inside of your gut. They hold many keys to health and disease, and they are just now being studied in ways never before possible. The

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A Cleanser without Soap

Put oil on my face to clean it??   You have to be kidding!! Usually you wash your face to remove oils, right? And probably some form of soap is used. Right again? Just the thought of putting oil all over the face is distressing……..or is it a wonderful new item in the beauty tool box?

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What is Inflammation?

Inflammation. This word has become quite common in medical articles, including those dealing with dermatology. What is it anyway? One type of inflammation is quite familiar – like when we get stung by a bee. The area becomes red and swollen, even warm. That’s inflammation that is easy to see. But then there is the

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